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Laser Pigmentation Removal

Age spots, freckles and other minor blemishes are caused by melanin, a substance which gives our skin its color. When melanin gathers in one spot, it becomes noticeable as a discolored area.  

The wavelengths of light produced by laser technology are designed to be absorbed by these pigmented areas causing the spots to gradually disappear.

The treatment is quick and not usually painful however, any discomfort experienced can be eased with an ice pack.

Undergoing Treatment

1. How it works

The light used from the lasers is absorbed by the darker areas and “shatters” the pigment, drawing it to the surface of the skin.

2. Results

We expect approximately 80% clearance of skin blemishes such as pigmentation after a course of facial laser. After 2-3 treatments patients can see a considerable difference in their appearance. The treatment is quick and effective and causes minimal damage to the surrounding skin tissue. 

Patients will see results in around 7-10 days.

3. Aftercare

Avoid sun for 7 days after your procedure and apply SPF and moisturiser.

You can also use makeup to cover any blemishes.

5. Recovery time

Recovery takes 3-7 days, but our qualified doctor can tailor the strength of the laser to suit your needs.

You’ll need about 2-4 sessions monthly depending on your skin condition.

6. Side effects

The most prominent side effects are transient darkening of the pigment, redness and mild swelling.

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